High-Fructose corn syrup fights back

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I was distressed to learn that this advertisement is not a parody. ICEBLOCKS FOR ALL.

Iemma Gone, Costa gone

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Michael Costa has been sacked by Iemma, after pressure from caucus.

Article from News.com.au and SMH.

Iemma has resigned! Interesting times in the NSW Labor Party.

Any NSW comrades care to comment?

Sarah Palin II

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I watched Sarah Palin’s speech to the Republican Convention today, and as I watched it I felt really, really happy. So what if the reason she’s there is because she’s the anti-Hilary? It was an exciting moment, knowing that a female candidate can have access to the same networks of nepotism and fuckwittery that gave America such sterling candidates as George Bush Jr and Ronald Reagan. Despite the sadness I feel when I compare her to Hillary, it is a win for feminism when women are able to be as charismatically mediocre as men in public life - albeit still having to do it backwards and in high heels. Mind you, it’s a loss for public life.

It seems pretty clear that the Palin family weren’t properly briefed on what exactly to do when the cameras were rolling. I guess in the past, Republican candidates’ families didn’t have to be briefed on the done thing; there was that moneyed tradition of public benevolence masking private alcoholism that ensured previous Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates and their families knew with every fibre of their beings that that smiling and waving was the correct way to deal with national attention, rather than adopting the middle class signature move of slouching and rolling one’s eyes in embarrassment which is performed with aplomb by Palin’s prospective son-in-law. My favourite moment is at around 12:40, where Palin’s youngest daughter is caught on camera licking her hand and using it to smooth her baby brother’s hair.

Dirty Deals Done Divinely

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Bang a gong, it’s on, in the Christian Democrats in NSW. In a journal entry worth reading in full, here is an eye-opening sentence from the Rev. Gordon Moyes:

Rev Fred Nile in his President’s Email., No 8 July 2008 wrote after quoting Romans 13:1-4): “I must respect the NSW ALP Government as “divinely constituted” and that to rebel against the Government “is resisting God’s appointment”.

Google's Browser: Chrome

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If you keep up to date with the latest tech news, you may have heard of Google Chrome, the new entry into the browser wars.

I’ve just started to trial it, and must say that I’m impressed. There are a few features that really appeal, like the “most visited” new tab page. When it leaves beta, and starts to get a few plug ins (like Adblock), I’ll probably use it more permanently.

Some commentary:
Why Google Chrome? Fast Browsing = $$$

Something I haven’t noticed for a while is internet ads. This is because I use the Firefox plugin Ad Block. I am amazed at how many websites have advertising - it’s like a plague.

Sarah Palin

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I really hope this is a picture of her at home. I want to imagine her thus, after a long day in The Office, holding forth on the equal merit of creationism and science while surrounded by the glorious native wildlife that she and her family have killed, stuffed and arranged tastefully in the rumpus room.

Seriously, the woman has charisma. She’s nowhere near as smarmy as Obama. If her politics were vaguely sane and her running mate anybody else, she might stand a chance with me.

A better class of student elections

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As we enter the annual student election cycle, the Labor students over at Melbourne University have raised the bar for student union election campaigns, if their website is anything to go by.

Stand Up! from Stand Up on Vimeo.

As an earlier campaign manager for the Stand Up ticket, this year’s campaign has the appearance of being top notch.

I wish the ticket well, and hope that the rest of their campaign is as slick as the website.

(Note: This election comment is published by A White 132418.)

the boy who could fly

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I will draw your attention to this opinion piece in today’s SMH, by Nick Wood, NSW young labor’s left whipping boy, burgeoning Gouldian, frequenter of my favourite coffee shop (thanks for Googling Nick, yes we are faceless and we are watching you). I particularly enjoyed his recounting of the health minister’s homily on the perils of binge eating:

A “training school” run by NSW Young Labor last year, one of the Right’s annual recruitment events, featured the Health Minister, Reba Meagher. Neglecting to focus on policy issues, she… informed those attending of the need to pursue power above all else. She later regaled the new members with tales of the perpetually disgraced NSW minister Joe Tripodi vomiting from a car window after eating too many “twinkies”.

The image of a (presumably) young Joe Tripodi blearily wiping wind-blown chunks of vomit off his face with the back of his hand, straining out the back window of a cream-and-rust 1981 Honda Civic packed to groaning with guffawing pimply proto-hacks of the NSW right on the way home from a party function, is now with me forever. Bless.