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Every now and then someone decants into a sentence a feeling that you’ve been having for months, but haven’t quite been able to articulate or properly define. You say, “Yes! That’s exactly what I was thinking! If only I could have said it myself so sweetly!”

Antony Green, election analyst, has put the words of my month together:

…The 1920s are remarkable for the vitriol of sectarianism, and it is hard not to see some parallels between some of today’s talk-back radio rants about Muslims and the attacks on the ‘disloyalty’ of Catholics in the 1920s.

The difference between our fundamentalist Islamist imams and the old Fenian Romish priests of days gone by? I’d love to know. Perhaps only skin colour.

The results of the surveys Brian looks at are also interesting. How proud are you of being Australian?