That's what she said

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I can think of no better place than Mount Ainslie, if I were a Satanist in the ACT and I wanted to celebrate a Black Mass near Parliament. It’s not clear if it’s Crowley’s, LaVey’s, or some other kind of ritual, but then if you’re in Canberra, I suppose, you take what quasi-gnostic rituals you can get.

Catch the Fire Ministries pastor Daniel Nalliah has organised a “prayer offensive” to combat evil forces including witchcraft, homosexuality and abortion.
The discovery of a “black mass altar” at Mount Ainslie in Canberra by a group of school students had inspired him to organise a prayer gathering at the area on Saturday.
“The type of altar discovered on Mount Ainslie pointed to a black mass and the work of dark forces wanting to cast spells on Australia and federal parliament,” Mr Nalliah said.

That’s… what she said.